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Sneaky Overcharging Mechanism

We have used different design software with a single license. Each one of these, other than Bentley, would not allow us to access it while another one is using it. We have also used limited-time software (say for 3-month usage only). Such software cannot be opened after the expiry date. Typically Australian, British and European software companies operate on this basis.

Bently is the only one that does not have this in-built restriction, but they have a sophisticated system to monitor the usage and number of users. How else you could explain this situation. Consider the following facts.

  • Bentley Software constantly monitors the usage.

  • Bentley allows you to overuse.

  • It does not prevent you from accessing it when we exceed the licensed limit.

  • It has an optional warning sytem. The Bentley customer service helped me to set it up today.

  • When you exceed your entitlement a message pops up. That give you two options: 1. Acknowledge, 2. Cancel & Quit. The default selection is set as Acknowledge.

  • The word Acknowledge is a very sneaky choice of word. The message does NOT say" Additional charges apply if continued"

  • If the warning system is not set up then users will inadvertantly overuse.

  • Even with the warning sytem installed there is a good chance that the user will click Acknowledge.

  • Accounts promptly sends an invoice for the overuse.

  • In large organisations, the accounts section would pay the invoice without realising the purpose and book it under their large Software budget.

  • If we do not pay the subscription, Bentley has a system to stop our access. i.e. Bentley has the facility to control usage but does not apply while we exceed limits.

Based on the above observations, one could deduce that Bentley has designed this system to deceive the customers and overcharge them. If my deduction is correct, then Bentley’s conduct is deceptive and fraudulent.

I would suggest that a) change "Acknowledge" to " Overusage Fees will be Charged if continued". b) Cancel & Quit should be default selection. c) Warning system should be in the default system. After the above actions consider changing the software to disallow over-usage.

  • Guest
  • May 18 2021
  • Will not implement
  • Guest commented
    10 Feb, 2022 09:25am

    Bentley has fraudulent licencing mechanism. The over usage right should be with administrator but it is with user.

    If buyer doesnt want extra usage then also Bentley allows extra usage and extort money.